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Warrior Goddesses Hexagon Wall Tiles Set of 4

Warrior Goddesses Hexagon Wall Tiles Set of 4

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Introducing the Warrior Goddesses

Set of 4 Hexagon Wall Tiles

Transform your space with our set of 4 hexagon wall tiles showcasing the mighty Warrior Goddesses. Featuring "Isolde: Embrace of Eternal Valour," "Lysandra: Sovereign Reverie," "Nyxara: Emissary of Nocturnal Majesty," and "Verity: Guardian of Enlightenment," these tiles are graced with a glossy finish that radiates strength and valour.

Each tile represents a distinct facet of these formidable goddesses, allowing you to create an empowering mural that exudes the spirit of courage and enlightenment. Let these warrior goddesses guard and inspire your surroundings, providing a visual ode to their unyielding power.

Product Details


Beautifully finished gloss white wood tiles provide an exceptional image, while the repositionable mounting blocks allow you to display, rearrange and add tiles as you choose.

An easy upgrade to any interior space, create creative art arrangements without any damage to walls. No nails or hanging hardware required!

MATERIAL: Gloss white tempered hardboard with black edges.

FIXING: Repositionable adhesive mount.

Mounting included in each case of panels.
* Adhesive Mounting Block, Black Foam Squares, 0.125" x 2" x 2"
* Panel Side = permanent hold
* Wall Side = repositionable
* Holds 0.5 lbs. per square inch 1 One 2" square = 2 lbs.
* Apply to a dry, clean surface for best results
* Can be repositioned multiple times

Please also note that the colours shown are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from actual product colours.

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Size guide

WIDTH 9⅓" (23.6cm)

HEIGHT 8" (20.3cm)

THICKNESS ¼" (0.6cm)

ROUNDED CORNERS 0.125" Radius (0.3cm)

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