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Warrior Goddess "Lysandra" Classic Tote Bag

Warrior Goddess "Lysandra" Classic Tote Bag

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Introducing "Lysandra": Sovereign Reverie

Classic Tote Bag

Step into the realm of strength and dreams with this classic tote bag featuring "Lysandra," the warrior goddess. "Lysandra" embodies the essence of sovereign power and reverie, inspiring all who carry her image.

Carry a piece of her resolute strength with you wherever you go. This classic tote bag is your perfect companion for daily adventures, adding a touch of regal determination and a touch of dreamy elegance to your style.

Celebrate the power of sovereignty and the captivating dreams of "Lysandra" with our classic tote bag. Let it be a symbol of your own inner strength and a reminder that, in the embrace of sovereign reverie, you hold the power to make your dreams a reality.

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MATERIAL: 300D Polyester

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Size guide

WIDTH 14 ¾" (37.5cm)

HEIGHT 16" (41.5cm)

HANDLE LENGTH 26" (67cm)

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